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tv   Headline News  RT  June 19, 2014 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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a million degrees with the. fuel cells from st petersburg to france such as the sun . would you believe the future. kiev resumes its ground offensive in eastern ukraine a day after the president promised his troops would soon. no light water or medical supplies in the besieged city of slovyansk the city sits on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe thanks to the nonstop government offensive. a cry for help iraq the us to use its power against isis militants who are locked in fear for the country's vital oil reserves. plus later in the hour a golden globe from ukraine in exchange for refuge that's the promise made by red faced by the russian president during a prank phone call. you're
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watching from in the world welcome to moscow and to r.t. international i'm you know male our top story the ukrainian army has confirmed its troops are restarted their offensive this morning across the country's east it follows reports of strikes and artillery bombardments of on cities government forces claim new areas are now being targeted by kiev's crackdown on locals are left with little choice but to learn to live with the day to day bloodshed. you. think you could then you would not cause the. flood to the detroit. news or need to let. go of what you're going to do what you want to.
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now we're getting reports of renewed fire on the outskirts of sloviansk the city siege by government troops for more than two months is suffering severe shortages of water on electricity hundreds of civilians have already been forced to flee the city altogether on those who remain are struggling to find food or medical supplies or cause dr explains what it means. fire resumed this morning and one man actually died as a result of that fire he was in near a christian orthodox church which was partially destroyed now in terms of us live alice kids self while the city is slowly but surely turning into somewhat all fagged ghost town and continued to shelling for the last few weeks have left to the citizens without water supply without existence of life or even food in some instances self proclaimed donetsk republican officials are claiming that they are
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heading for a humanitarian catastrophe you can see empty shelves in stores you can see people lining up for water that nearly all the hospitals are closed most of them please are simply not they're finding refuge somewhere else plus ambulances have no fuel health centers have been set up in the city of sevastopol they are providing aid to people who have fled east ukraine many say their homes came under fire during the shelling of residential areas a lot of the refugees have been leaving family behind as parents try to get their children to safety first the russian emergencies ministry say some twenty thousand people have already crossed the border in search of shelter. now the fighting follows a promise from president. unilateral cease fire he said it will be brief but long enough to allow government forces to lay down their arms but this is not the first time the house promised to put an end to the bloodshed since he was elected bach in
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may on election day he said his first presidential visit would be to the rest of the nets region well did not happen he went to poland to meet barack obama instead he's pledged to bring peace and put an end to the fighting many times and promised to bring about a cease fire at least twice and other developments russian journalists covering events in east ukraine helping labeled terrorists by officials in kiev he leaked internal document from the country's security service apparently contains a list of russian reporters some of who have been working in the rest of eastern regions the document eighty seven names that accuses the journalist of being involved in illegal part of military groups resisting the so-called terrorist operation so the two russian journalists killed by shell explosions wild in east ukraine earlier this week the only surviving member of the three man crew film the moment his teammates were hit and here's what he captured.
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the camera man says' they were clearly wearing press signs as the attempted to film activist forces trying to evacuate refugees self defense troops company journalists were also killed in the shelling you've just seen the blasts and this is the immediate aftermath but kiev investigators claim now it was empty government forces behind the debts and ukraine's representative to the u.n. has more or less implied the dead journalists had only themselves to blame for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. ukraine's president is considering making his recently son foreign minister an ambassador the spider under the sheets having made headlines for his less than diplomatic language. because it was so good it was that the crew you really didn't want all of that.
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but the country where he'll be heading off ukraine's diplomatic mission so far remains a mystery there in all of the former top diplomat strong statements on our web site . also online a full timeline and minute to minute updates all of the ongoing crisis all that are tito. the u.s. is considering a request from the iraqi government to launch air strikes against isis strongholds the group seize large swaths of the country's north and less than two weeks areas are marked in red here they are not closing in on baghdad which is being torn apart by bomb blasts another priority for the insurgents is taking control over oil infrastructure in the northern city of jihadists are trying to capture the nation's largest oil refinery iraqi military officials say soldiers were able to repel the onslaught but workers report militants are still inside the facility with sporadic clashes on really. is a key oil post in iraq at
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a concert for more than a quarter of the country's entire refining capability the facility process is about three hundred thousand barrels a day and all of that goes to petrol stations across the nation as well as to power stations to not seizing the area would be a huge victory for isis of course which is complementing its assaults on the ground with a slick social media campaign takes up the story. fifteen thousand fighters ten thousand operations in iraq one thousand assassinations and all last year alone the state of iraq and syria now known more notoriously as isis has been slicing through iraq moving closer and closer to baghdad and they're running a slick modern p.r. campaign to even publishing an official report of their activities using computer generated graphics it paints a clear picture of the terror organization including the types in amounts of weapons they use their strategy details of operations and targets and former
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intelligence officers claim it produces its press releases like a giant corporation trying to create an image of a well structured disciplined and effective organization or to attract funding but their actions speak loudly too as isis fighters have almost to reach the iraqi capital killing scores of people along the way in just around seven b. well during the u.s. led invasion of the country it took the allied forces twenty two days to reach baghdad the alternate goal of isis is to create a new slavic state merging parts of iraq and syria into one now it's believed that the movement grew out of al qaeda in iraq emerging from the cast of the two thousand and three invasion to date it has fifteen thousand fighters most of whom are thought to be from neighboring middle eastern countries but around two thousand are believed to have come from europe including britain isis has also become known for extreme brutality including widespread beheadings and crucifixions most of its
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funding is traced to southeast asia particularly indonesia the country with the biggest muslim population on earth and would following the arrest of high profile jihad is there it said extremists are now turning their attention to the conflicts in iraq and syria. let's discuss the issue further at michael maloof a former senior security policy analyst at the pentagon thanks for joining us today sir what could another american intervention mean for iraq. well american intervention will have to be very very selective and it's and it's almost going to be could almost be inevitable because of the intentions of isis isis. the islamic state of iraq and syria is actually the islamic state of. iraq and the shah the shah is greater syria greater syria incorporates all of the levant and into jordan and there's some indication that if they
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can sweep through iraq they're going to go into jordan and they're going to have spin offs. that would be created so it's a major policy decision now on whether or not there's going to be any u.s. intervention at this point to try and and trip them up and cause them to and try to stymie their their forward progress which is basically a blitzkrieg it's unheard of these days so there's some way to use decisions are going to have to be made but in order to do that the intelligence has got to be pinpoint accurate and you've got to find them i mean i've noticed the pictures of them traveling in caravans in the open and you wonder well why hasn't anyone do anything about it but. at the same time they've got some very smart military planners and operators there and and they can adjust so they can make it much more difficult for us to stop them. or anybody to stop them and certainly the
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iraqi government's having a hard time yeah i mean we're also hearing creasing about the u.s. mulling attacks but u.s. military intelligence is reportedly only able to pinpoint these clear targets is there a party going to be useful in this case. it can be because these guys travel over wide spread areas they're there they're on the move but once they get into a particular area it's going to be extraordinarily difficult to pleasure them out because then they're mingling in what. the civilian population and that makes it far more difficult which inevitably means that you would have to put have boots on the ground in the u.s. isn't going to be doing that so it's going to be up to the iraqi government to use put those boots in the area on the ground and certainly the united states could send in advisers and trainers and that's a possibility as well you know is this conflict in any way really reaction to the
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maliki government's policies do you believe sir. i think it's part and parcel you know i certainly isis in iraq right now is. not not it's not just foreign fighters and what have you a lot of are some old saddam hussein. groups certainly people who work for him but who are all sunni's and and who joined on to isis there are a lot of a. lot of elements in a lot of islamic groups that are joining i says inside iraq and so and so they're going to be trying to carve out for their own purposes and of course. the prime minister who is resisting any efforts to change his government to try to. make the bring in this bring in more sunni's into the into the government and make it more representative but it may be too little too late already former security policy analyst at the pentagon michael maloof we thank you for your time today sir
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. ahead in the program wiki leaks editor julian assange marks two years trapped in an embassy find out what the whistleblower has been off to during the time and why british authorities are spending vast sums on run the clock surveillance of the building he's holed up in. the interview.
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dramas that can't be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. places change rights now. so picture focused days. from around the globe. welcome back to the program the leader of belarus has offered political asylum to the oxford ukrainian president and his family well at least that's what i like some of the thought he was doing during a phone chat with a man posing as the son of ukraine's former leader the prankster even offered an
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extravagant reward in return is. now reports. a russian prankster who goes by the name of von braun rang up the administration of the president of bellows and introduced himself as the son of victor young of coverage the ousted president of ukraine he got to talk to the bell russian president alexander lukashenko himself during the conversation the princess suggested that his father may have to move to bellows because there's a chance he could be handed over to kiev the one pretended to be worried that the current authorities in c. of may not treat the ousted president well the belo russian president who never shies away from using colloquial language in public was even more candid doing what he thought was a private conversation. problem that you know. unusual push push push toward the story well but when you put. then the president of bellows showed a great deal of hospitality inviting the ousted ukrainian president and his family
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to stay in bellows its own course of three years could global sport wrote the report over your version. which i'm just. saying camp ranks devolve on offered the president a gift but they. don't. but . if you do know there could be good i believe most of the. issue. they're talking about the golden loaf that was found in the residence of the ousted ukrainian president many treasures were found there well anyway the president of bellows seems to have bought every bit of that prank and he's now angry alexander lukashenko gave his security service a week to track down the russian prime minister or elles he said he would send ahead of his security service to prepare quote feed for cattle. but the prankster duped not just the belorussian president and his administration but also
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those who had apparently hacked in. well the phone call decided it was the real thing and leaked it before the prankster himself we feel the truth about one suspects that it could be the ukrainian intelligence service it's no secret intelligence service is by on the world leaders we remember who tapped the angle of merkel's phone they may have some interesting bits of leaders private chat in their collection but probably not a prank like this. well the russian leader is not the first prominent figure to fall victim to a phone hoax here's a few of the most notorious incidents cuban revolutionary leader fidel castro dodged numerous attempts on his life but even he failed to avoid being jute a decade ago. true but i'm a big go forward. she didn't know that going forward i'm going to let that go for me. as i say you know those who don't vote at all is that my only and so in the
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way they seem to be at the guy if they want to which i always gave. american radio comedians also targets or a payment back in two thousand and eight when she was running for vice president alongside john mccain he said no mrs google no hell no nurturance here on our new fun in you do season you could be speaking oh well you know most so good it's so good to hear you. say when was convinced she was speaking to the french president in a conversation that went on for six minutes she even failed to send something was off when the impostor mentioned his love of killing animals on his wife's preferences in the bedroom. a hero to some an enemy of the state to others wiki leaks founder julian assange is marking his second year confined inside the ecuadorian embassy in london and still the whistleblower refuses to back down even promising to reveal
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a fresh batch of documents to the world to reports for us from london. step out of one of the world's most famous department stores and there's always a policeman nearby they're not worried about shoplifters but the perpetual presence of one man inside that building it's two years since june in the sun so refuge in london's ecuadorian embassy inside a bottom floor flat in this red brick mansion in that time the wiki leaks editor in chief has still managed to run for the australian senate and become the subject of a hollywood film he's also had to share the title of the world's most famous whistleblower off the n.s.a. contractor edward snowden revealed details of mass government surveillance programs last year two years inside the building for a son also means two years camped outside for the london's metropolitan police the bill for guarding that door in case a son should ever emerge is something like eleven thousand pounds
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a day the ecuadorian ambassador admits his nonpaying tenant is suffering but sweden won't give assurances the whistleblower won't be extradited to the u.s. if he travels to stop home for questioning allegations of sexual assault which means the ecuadorian ambassador isn't ruling out the possibility his unlikely houseguest could be rattling around inside that building for the rest of his life reporting from london on polyploid. during a conference call marking his to years of confinement the sons again spoke out against the u.s. authorities he warned barak obama to consider his legacy as he risks being remembered as the u.s. president but most strongly approached journalism. joined by government director of the center for investigative journalism to discuss the impact this revelations hard on the world circuit. now hello earlier r t we spoke to
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a lawyer here's what she said just take a listen to his predicament as it stands and consent eason has a nice thing to risk an online expedition to the united states and the ongoing us grand jury and criminal investigation into a key makes that we know is ongoing and we night that because of court documents of an ace in the last few months so that is our main concern and i think it's important to remember this that it is as a result of the u.s. action in the nation to regulate the prosecution rested when he thinks that julian remains inside that embassy. will remain in diplomatic limbo forever in your opinion. i think no i think there is a lot of pressure going on in a variety of places to try and secure his release from the embassy we don't have any idea of how that's going and nobody's particularly candid at the government end or the u.n. and about how that would work but clearly he can't stay there forever because it's
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in an inhuman way difficult for any human being to live in an area with sunless place however comfortable the embassy might be to a few people but if you were trapped there yourself for many years it would be pretty rough yeah we also heard about his lawyers planning to appeal his detention order does this have any chance of actually working. it's possible one doesn't know how that will be perceived it may find support in unlikely quarters but on the other him we have no idea despite the ambiguities of the swedish case how will little develop i mean some of the people involved in sweden have said very contradictory things and we don't yet know what they'll do if it appears that julian a son could actually get free. two years in the same building to do you think it's just fate is putting whistleblowers off from speaking out when we hear of things like that. i think it doesn't it doesn't help the case much but i think on the
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other hand he's provided himself as an extraordinary model to whistleblowers i mean snowden came well after julian of did what he did is though julian and in fact sort of opened the door and a whole lot of whistleblowers have come through it and i think many more will because they realize the public importance of the documents they have and because julian has not been arrested i mean he's in a very difficult place certainly not a very pleasant place at least he's alive and well and i think a lot of whistleblowers are prepared to take risks like that when they realize how much public interest there is in these kind of documents that he brings out just finally do you believe the u.k. is trying to do more than just uphold the law when it comes to a silencer i think that the u.k. government is very much beholden to the americans in everything they do and how they do it and they've never taken
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a position contrary to the american security establishment view of this journey body else i mean glenn greenwald's partner who was stopped at heathrow airport was clearly done on the basis of an of an american order of the british government of support of the truck the attempted forcing down of in fact a successful forcing down of able marla's his plane in vienna and many things like that i think that they've never separated themselves from the american political and military agenda and of course the sundra is not like figure in the kind of states to say the least and so they're doing everything they can to keep the americans happy in this way so it would appear. director all of the center for investigative journalism thank you for your time today sir. obbie martin is up next ruffling the feathers of the mainstream media next on archie international to stay with us.
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north to south from st petersburg to france we travel in search of the sun. knowledge you update we've got the future covered. what's good guys and i mean martin and this is a break in the set so perhaps no other mascot professional u.s. forces more overtly racist than the football team in the nation's capital washington d.c. and that's only because the hook nosed angry arab is a high school mascot in california i'm of course talking about the extremely offensive name the washington redskins but in a rare symbolic win for the native american community today the u.s. patent and trademark office actually cancelled six trademark registrations for the team's name see under federal law offensive in derogatory language cannot be trademarked and for eight years plaintiff amanda black corps petitioned the office
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to drop its protection of the team's name citing a long history of the term being used as a racial slur for native americans but the team's owner dan snyder so the name is steeped in tradition and won't be changed some other things steeped in tradition slavery the k.k.k. and black face but i guess i can see snyder's point so the bait over this name is merely a microcosm of the long and horrendous oppression of native americans in this country for today this decision marks the bare minimum amount of respect that first nations peoples deserve now let's break this up. the sleep the sleep they all are very hard to look the only one that had sex with the other three their little. league.
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little little really. little. the little league. it's been ten long years since the cia carried out its first drone strike in pakistan the bombing which took place on june seventeenth two thousand and four in waziristan province allegedly targeted a senior taliban official however the missile also killed five civilians including two children and today just one day out of the tenth anniversary of this killer warfare it was announced that a drone killed six people in that same problems today's strike marks the fifth just this month and although it can continue talking about the failed policy.